Air Zimbabwe 767-200ER

(photo credits go to Dietmar Schreiber)

About Air Zimbabwe
Air Zimbabwe is the national carrier of Zimbabwe, headquartered on the property of Harare International Airport, in Harare. From its hub at Harare International Airport, the carrier used to operate a network within southern Africa that also included Asia and London-Gatwick. Following financial difficulties, Air Zimbabwe ceased operations in late February 2012. Serving a reduced domestic network, the carrier resumed operations for a short period between May and early July 2012, when flights were again discontinued. Some flights were restarted on a discontinuous basis in November that year. The airline resumed operating some domestic routes as well as the regional service to Johannesburg on a daily basis in April 2013.

Air Zimbabwe Currently operates 2 767-200ER’s

About the 767-200ER
The 767-200ER was the first extended-range model and entered service with El Al in 1984. The type’s increased range is due to an additional center fuel tank and a higher maximum takeoff weight (MTOW) of up to 395,000 lb (179,000 kg). The type was originally offered with the same engines as the 767-200, while more powerful Pratt & Whitney PW4000 and General Electric CF6 engines later became available. The 767-200ER was the first 767 to complete a non-stop transatlantic journey, and broke the flying distance record for a twinjet airliner on April 17, 1988 with an Air Mauritius flight from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Port Louis, Mauritius, covering 8,727 nmi (10,000 mi; 16,200 km). The 767-200ER has been acquired by international operators seeking smaller wide-body aircraft for long-haul routes such as New York to Beijing. Deliveries of the type totaled 121 with no unfilled orders. As of July 2016, 32 examples of passenger and freighter conversion versions were in airline service. The type’s main competitors of the time included the Airbus A300-600R and the A310-300.

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First we need the 767-200ER. But great livery


I mean it’s nice, and I see it come to Johannesburg, but if I had to choose, I’d like the old livery! Looks great though.


Well first we definitely need the 767 and 757 aircraft reworked but other than that an amazing livery

I usually see it on the TV when Mugabe is traveling somewhere.

Nice colours.

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At least he travels on the National Carrier, unlike the wife. I was reading an article on OneMileAtATime, and she was flying first class on Singapore Airlines…

Don’t know if it’s still like that.

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I’m zimbabwean American:) and that would be a great plane:)