Air Vanuatu ATR 72-600

I personnely have never flown on an ATR before but they look great! Escpecially with this livery, here’s a pic I found on the World Wide Web;

Here’s a wiki page;

And Air Vanuatu’s official site:

I personally love this plane with the Air Vanuatu livery, if this added it needs this livery.
So what do you think?


I have not flown on this aircraft too, but I have done some research. Personally if I could I would fly on it.

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That looks extremely nice. The airline suits that aircraft

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Awesome livery! I’ve flown on 4/5 ATRs and they’re such fun. Would love them, and this livery, to be added. Could do some awesome island hopping along with the Dash 🙂


Looks beautiful :)

IMO we also need more liveries like this for global

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It looks beautiful on that little aircraft.

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Looks wonderful. Fits perfectly in the ATR-72.


Nice livery. The ATR would be fun to have in game. The dash wouldn’t get as much love

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I’ve flown in it before - nice little plane.
Anyway, real nice livery.

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Good request good plane

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Yes! We need this! Flown in a CSA ATR-500 before. Really nice planes :)

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