Air Vanuatu A220-300

This is the official request of the Air Vanuatu A220

Air Vanuatu is an airline based in Port-Vila, Vanuatu, and is looking to revamp its airline under the slogan “New era, new look”. Air Vanuatu is the first airline out of Oceania to order the aircraft. The A220 allows them to expand their route network to Asia and Australia as well as New Zealand. Until now they only had ATRs and one B738.

Here is the official introduction by Air Vanuatu:

Here is a video of the first flight:

Very beautiful!

I do think so, too! It would also close a gap we have in the oceanic region (we only have FIJI B737)

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Would love to see this!

Never heard of this airline or livery. I think if the A220 gets voted we can really see some more diversity with this livery making its way. Nice request.

I really love this livery, hope the A220 gets voted in

Thank you so much! Never heard of it before, too. Fell in love with this little airline immediately though…

Me too ;) Let’s hope the best

I think this is very needed. We have about zero selection for the islands of the pacific. Besides Hawaiian and Tahiti. This could be a great addition.

Once again a lovely video! The people seem so excited about the aircraft and they should be!

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