Air travel crisis as Many airlines cancel important routes (UPDATED)

A few days ago Wuhan airport closed due to the risk of the spread of a new disease Coronavirus during the Chinese New Year. This went into affect at UTC 2:00 Am and will remain closed until further notice leaving many people stranded and helpless. Wuhans health board has called it a state of emergency and advices everyone to watch everyone. Currently I’m back in New Zealand my experience travelling from 2 countries with the infectious virus meant that I would be a fairly high risk traveller upon arriving at Auckland I found that the only people screened there for the Virus where those who where flying in on a Chinese flight. About probably 80% of most Chinese coming into the country fly from China flying on NZ90 and with my travel past Immigration New Zealand didn’t even seem to care on the other hand Japans Government has classified my Movements as High risk and has asked me for a month if I feel any symptom of a common cold to immediately visit a doctor.

Wuhan Tianhe International Airport handled 25 Million passengers last year making it the busiest in central China with many connections to Rome, JFK, London, Sydney, Paris etc. At the time of shut down it was unclear if the closure included inbound aircraft but a few arrivals seemed to have been able to land even after the closure. At the time China southern had a few long haul flights inbound which had mostly arrived in Wuhan and then flew directly onto Guangzhou the Base for China southern.

Many airports around the world are investing in health screenings for all passengers travelling from China as it’s unclear on how many other cities also have the virus. Recently Cathay Pacific flight attendants got approval on being able to wear face mask preventing the spread of disease the first time a Chinese airline has been approved to have this request

Currently this virus is at a stage where we see many large carriers canceling important routes into China with one of the latest British airways.

For anyone affected by this Virus weather physically or Mentally I give my condolences and if you need to talk to anyone feel free to stop by my Mail box 📦 and I’ll reply.

Is there anyone who has stories from Wuhan or anywhere else involving this please share them with us.

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This will be updated next time something changes.

Safe flying everyone :)


This is due to the recent outbreaks happening in the country.

All public transportation is being shut down in the city.


Yeah I saw this coming from a mile away form the start of the Wuhan Coronavirus. Hopefully it doesn’t spread to Japan and interferes with the olympics and myself going there.


wow, i landed there at about 1:30PM EDT today, i flew from KLAX(Los Angeles) On a Delta B777-200LR. today seems my lucky day.


Yikes are you going to be stuck there?

Well, I am at RCTP right now, and many flights to China are cancelled.


@Lovethisgame it was on infinite flight, not in real life lol, i even doubt delta flys there in real life, i havent even flown on a plane in real life in 6 years


Oh yikes sorry read that wrong 😬😬


@Lovethisgame its ok my friend


The virus is susceptible to hand sanitizer though.

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It’s that 0.01%


dawg im most likely going there in june/july, gonna try and go before the olympic rush, hope it doesn’t get to japan by then


Sorry, but it already did. South Korea, Japan, Thailand are affected with the virus along with China.


Leaving Japan next week so I’ll be careful taking the Dreamliner back wouldn’t be surprised if the Ministry of Health opens a quarantine zone

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Are we all going to Japan at the same time lol


This is starting to look more and more like Plague Inc…I’m lowkey scared 😂


Sounds like the whole Ebola epidemic which in reality was not exactly dangerous. The issue was that it had a high death rate amongst those affected as it was predominantly found in poor African regions. Simple things like hydration massively helped the disease. Hopefully they can figure out what and how to treat this fully. It appears it’s well known but the media like to make a circus of things, clearly.


And I am in Japan right now as well, and I hope I don’t get infected by the disease.


Is this temporary?


I will be going to Japan in April. I am sure it’ll be fine.