Air Transat (Is it coming?)

When I was looking at the Airlines callsign bank, I found between Air Portugal and Airbus:

“Air Transat (Air Transat)”.

I know that there is currently not an Air Transat livery in Infinite Flight, could it be coming in a later update? If so, for which aircraft?

Here are the aircraft operated by Air Transat one time or another, according to Wikipedia:
Airbus A310-300
Airbus A320-200 (Coming soon)
Airbus A330-200
Airbus A330-300 (Currently available)
Boeing 727-200
Boeing 737-400
Boeing 737-700 (Currently available)
Boeing 737-800 (Currently available)
Boeing 757-200 (Currently available)
Lockheed Tristar

What do you think? Is it coming?


Well there has been no or little mention of the A300 (Let alone an A310) on the forums or anywhere I’ve seen so I doubt it is the A313 (Maybe someday…)

The A320-200 is kinda tough… They weren’t a very significant operator of the aircraft and given the fact that there are so many more liveries that IF could add that are far more significant and have much more demand for many users than Air Transat’s that it is unlikely that it is an A320. Then again, that is the only aircraft in development now so maybe…

Airbus A330-200 and Airbus A330-300 present a semi-strong case. While not a significant A330 operator, they are known for their incident over the Atlantic so they may add an A333 Air Transat plane (I know that the incident involved an A332)

Boeing 727-200: A350 and 787 would appear before a 727 in my opinion

Boeing 737-400: We already have the 73G, 738, and 739 so why do we need more.

Boeing 737-700: Maybe

Boeing 737-800: After the A330, this is what I’d expect.

Boeing 757-200: Can’t see this happening.

TriStar: Possibly. They had a decent sized TriStar fleet once

Libyan operates 6 a320s, and Batik operates 8, so they are not very significant as well.

As it wasn’t added with the a320, anyone know why the callsign still exists? Could this be a teaser for an update to come?

Would be awesome if it could join the IF fleet!!!

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