Air Transat Flight 236- possible in IF?

Flight 236, an Airbus A330-200, had a fuel leak on it’s flight from Toronto to Lisboa, both engines flamed out one after another, the last engine approx. 65 miles away from Lajes Airport, located on the isle of Terceira, Azores. The flight crew sailed the Airbus A330 with over 300 passengers on board towards the island and made a successful emergency landing. Is this also possible in IF?

According to the official accident report the Airbus had a take off weight of 200 388 kgs including 46 900 kgs of fuel. At the time of the second engine flame out the Airbus should therefore have had a weight of approx. 153 488 kgs. That weight I put into IF, at the time of the flameout I had a weight of around 154 400 kgs, so just slightly heavier.

The flight was a night flight, visibility was good, the altitude at the second engine flame out was FL330.

The Video starts a few seconds before the second engine flames out, 64 miles inbound Lajes Airport, at an altitude of 33,000 feet. This is my first, last and only try as I thought it makes no sense to practice it and then show you the most beautiful landing. I had one try and here it is ( Solo server, flight from Toronto to Lisboa, 65 miles inbound Lajes ):


Awesome job! Try to see if you can do Gimbly Glider.

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Is this airport in IF? I thought it was a closed runway where they did some kind of car race…

Edit: It is, CYGM. So let’s give it a try…
Photo Credits: Wayne Glowacki,


Yup that’s it

This was a joy to watch, could’ve definitely used some more time lapse in my opinion. Nonetheless a fun ride.

Glad the pilot and crew where capable and everyone made it back to terra firma safe!

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Congrats on making it to the ground safely! Cool video, didn’t know you could do it in IF. Although I guess I could always try!

Congrats - I tried that and failed…

Awesome job! The turns in the end to reduce speed were pretty awesome. Bank angle was a bit too much in some. Keep it up! Try simulating US Airways 1549 and see if you can make it to Teterboro or Newark. :D