Air Transat Emergency Landing after Fire on Board in Newark

Newark Airport was completely closed for about 45 minutes after Air Transat Flight TS942 (Boeing 737) enroute from Montreal to Fort Lauderdale made an emergency landing about 90 minutes ago after they reportedly had indications of a fire on board.

The airport was closed after the incident with people on the runways as the plane had to evacuate. It seems to be reopened at this point of time,

An amateur video shows the plane on the runway apparently with smoke coming out of the cargo hold.

According to CNBC who quote the FAA and AirTransat no one was injured.

It’s now confirmed that there have been two minor injuries unrelated to the smoke on board. It seems like the reports of a fire on board were correct. It’s a serious incident that will now be investigated by the authorities.


I guess we’ll wait since its developing. Hope everything goes well.

It happened at my Home airport
Not a good year in aviation

That will be controlled well it’s confined to one space which is a good thing same thing happend to a Aer Lingus A330 a couple of years ago in Orlando.

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