Air Transat Boeing 757-200


I would love to see this livery on the Boeing 757-200

Both are old so why not trying to bring this livery to Infinite Flight ❤️

Bring Canada liverys to the skies 🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️

I just found a couple minutes ago that Air Transat had livery on the B757 📸❤️

What a stunning livery! 😍😍😍

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Please share with your friends ❤️

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@CJLAviation You lied to us. :( Don’t worry I am making a joke

I am normally not a big fan of retro liveries and this one is not an exception. It’s a Canadian 757, after all.

You have my support.


Oh damn that’s hot

I just realized that IF doesn’t have any Air Transat liveries


Yes we don’t have Air Transat on IF 😢

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Indeed. Flew them in the 90s. It was a great livery and suited both their 727, 757 and L-1011. I would dearly love to see this livery on the 757. So much so, I’ve even started redrawing it…


@cptmann How do you like the physics of the 757 in Infinite Flight?


We need this livery

Just to make this to the top again

I’m not a big fan of retro liveries, so yeah.