Air Transat Boeing 757-200


I would love to see this livery on the Boeing 757-200

Both are old so why not trying to bring this livery to Infinite Flight ❤️

Bring Canada liverys to the skies 🇨🇦🇨🇦❤️

I just found a couple minutes ago that Air Transat had livery on the B757 📸❤️

What a stunning livery! 😍😍😍

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Please share with your friends ❤️

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@CJLAviation You lied to us. :( Don’t worry I am making a joke

I am normally not a big fan of retro liveries and this one is not an exception. It’s a Canadian 757, after all.

You have my support.


Oh damn that’s hot

I just realized that IF doesn’t have any Air Transat liveries


Yes we don’t have Air Transat on IF 😢

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Indeed. Flew them in the 90s. It was a great livery and suited both their 727, 757 and L-1011. I would dearly love to see this livery on the 757. So much so, I’ve even started redrawing it…


@cptmann How do you like the physics of the 757 in Infinite Flight?


We need this livery

Just to make this to the top again

I’m not a big fan of retro liveries, so yeah.

I’m with you and happy to share the drawings with anyone at IF if they want them!

Cheatlines ans stripes always suited the 757. I happened to be watching a programme last night that had a close up of a Britannia 757. I only thought they had blue stripes but there are two shades of red below each blue. There must have been some masking going on painting those!

But yes, an TSC 757 would be amazing!!

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This is a nice classic. Not enough vote. But definitely a good one to pledge for.

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Thank You very much for the support