Air Transat Airbus A330-200 (New Livery)

Source: C-GTSN Airbus A330-200 Air Transat Glasgow airport EGPF 04… | Flickr

I’d like to see more Canadian airlines in IF and considering the upcoming update and the fact that we’ve got no Air Transat liveries. I thought it would be a good addition considering the new livery looks amazing.

Here’s some info about the Air Transat Airbus A330-200 (A332):

  • Engines: 2 Rolls Royce Trent 772B
  • Fuel Capacity: 245,316 lb (111,272 kg)
  • Cruising Speed: Mach 0.82 (870 km/h)
  • Maximum Take-Off Weight: 509,042 lb (233,000 kg)
  • Overall Length: 188 ft 8 in (58.8 m)
  • Wingspan: 197 ft 10 in (60.3 m)
  • Tail Height: 57 ft 1 in (17.4 m)
  • Maximum Range: 9,600 km (6,000 nautical miles)
  • Seats: Redesigned cabin: 345 (12 in Club Class and 333 in Economy Class) or 332 (12 in Club Class and 320 in Economy Class)

What do you think about the Livery?

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  • The Livery’s Ok
  • I don’t like the Livery
  • The Livery is terrible

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Would you like to see this livery get added to Infinite Flight?

  • PLEASE DO!!!
  • Yes, Of course!
  • Don’t care
  • Nah, don’t really

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Went ahead and flagged this for ya. Just be sure to look out for duplicate topics.

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Ok, I thought that that topic was for the A330-300

That’s why I was more specific and put A330-200

Also, there is no need for the polls, the votes do all the talking.

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Still, I wanted people’s opinion because sometimes they don’t have a vote to spare so I thought adding polls would help get more opinions

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They aren’t adding the A332


We’ve had the Callsign for about 2 years now and Still no Livery. Where are all the votes for this beauty?

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Yes! I would love this livery! The new Air Transat Liveries are astonishing! :)

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1 year later, this would be a great addition when the A330-200 is reworked!

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Add this to the A330 rework.

There are other airlines in Canada, other than Air Canada

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