Air Transat A330 (New livery)

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The design marks a change from the previous livery, which had a darker tail and a blue star emblem.

The aircraft was painted in Rio de Janeiro and the airline says it covered the jet’s tail and front fuselage with decals on its return flight to Montreal. The company, a division of tour company Transat AT, will now begin the process of repainting other A330s in the fleet.

I really want this livery because we need more canadian liveries and airlines please FDS consider this livery in the a330 rework!!

This is a must!!! Its so beautiful omggg, tbh it reminds me of the qantas livery especially the silver line but none the less this livery is absolutely stunning and is a beautiful refresh of the old one well done Air Transat!

Love the star on the tail and where it says ‘Air Transit’ would love to see it in IF.

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Could you please add more substance into your post? For example, a detailed description of why you want it, and some bits of into about the airline. That way you would get a whole load more votes.

But yes, this is a very nice livery indeed. Me likey likey


Awesome livery! The blend makes it look very modern indeed! Out of votes tho.🤷‍♂️

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Nice and modern although the silver strip is an obvious copy of Qantas


My going to lie but the silver strip looks better on Air Tr. than Quantas IMO. ;)