Air Transat A330-300 "30 Years" Livery

Before I start with the topic I just want to bring up a topic that I have made asking if there is an Air Transat livery in the sim since we have Air Transat’s callsign.

Somehow, we have the callsign, but not the livery. Surely, we have one of Air Transat’s aircraft, the Airbus A330-300, but let me ask you this question: Whould you rather fly with the callsign and a plain, boring, GENERIC livery? Or Would you rather fly with the callsign with a MATCHING livery?

And so I make this request not just for me, but for everyone else that does not like using a plain and boring generic livery for an airline that has a callsign in the game, but not a single livery.

Anyways, back to the feature request

Air Transat currently operates 4 Airbus A330-300’s (1 in “Welcome” Livery, 1 in “30 Years” Livery, and 2 in Standard Air Transat Livery.)

Air Transat has A330-300 routes to Europe and South America. Scenery Update Wink, Wink

This Livery was made to celebrate Air Transat’s 30th Anniversary since it started operations in Montreal-Pierre International Airport and seeing this plane in this livery is something very special to remember.

A little about Air Transat

I remember dis topic but c mon bro tha devs work too hard to bring out good quality updates for us give dem a brake Ik it sucks ur favorite airlines livery is not in the simulator but unfortunately we jus gonna have to deal wit it for now😬

This is a feature request. People can put what they want to see in Infinite Flight in this category, so the devs know how many people want certain liveries and stuff…

The request is completely fine.

Anyways, love the livery, but I don’t have any votes :/

I’ll bookmark the topic or keep it in my mind for when the A330 gets more liveries or a full rework ;)


Ok but I hope @Vidal99977 doesn’t thing there gonna put the new livery tomorrow💀

@haitianpilot44 I know tha tht this livery isnt cgoing to be considered until some time

Voted, shame we don’t have one in the game already

Little bump. This livery is missing. We already have the callsign, why don’t we have the livery?

Don’t blame you here. I’d like the older gen Air Transat A330 since I travelled on it to Vancouver, and back, where that holiday and flight changed my life to Canada and aviation.

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Bumping this! This livery must be added!

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Agreed! I must vote for this now I have more votes to… vote for stuff!

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I’m actually very surprised not to see the third largest Canadian airline in IF. Was also wondering if there was a Air Transat VA. Voted.