Air Traffic, Literally. MPVR-KATL Delta A319

I was cruising at FL340 in a Delta A319 from MPVR to KATL and Iopened my window to get a pic of my view like I always do and I saw a plane come streaking by. After thinking for a bit, I concluded that the plane was a TUI 787!


Same with me image


I was on a Thomson 787-8 on Wednesday from STN to SFB and went to the back of the cabin I was sat in (the space inbetween the Premium Economy and Economy) and whilst waiting for the toilet to become available probably no more than 2,000ft below us I could make out a TAP Portugal A330. We were overtaking him. (ha)


Nice photos!


Check the definition of “Near miss.” He was a couple thousand feet above you. It was close, but not near miss.


I wouldn’t call this a near miss. I’d say you saw another aircraft from your aircraft. You all were at a safe distance, so saying a near miss is misleading.


Those are definitely no “near misses”


Notice that I put near miss in quotes

It hats mot that close. What’s close is when you see a plane 500 feet above you 1nm away!

Looks like you guys are on the same plane

I really wish I took a photo of a near miss I actually saw. I was on Zanair to DAR and we overtook this plane right in front of us. Same altitude, something that the FAA wouldn’t like :P

I saw a Emirates B777-300ER over Indian airspace right next to use, it must have been really close the the minimum distance as I could make out what plane it was easily from the aisle seat

Yeah we are brothers they just kicked him out to a different row :) 😂😂

Joking,I was in a E190 or 175 I don’t remember now like 3 weeks ago it wasn’t near miss but was close :)

Come on, those are NOT near misses. You are probably at a major VOR intersection where large commercial airliners intercept and exchange routes like a roundabout. Not a near miss

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It’s funny how you call this near miss cause they ain’t close enough to be called near miss anyways nice pictures!

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I was on a IAA F100 and a plane passed so close to our one that I could even see all the lights

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