Air Traffic Controlling

How can I “rank up” as an Air Traffic Controller? Also what are the operations?


ATC Recruiting

@Tyler_Shelton or @masonh2479 can help you!

Yes, but what are operations or what would I have to do to get them?

Operations are basically commands you give to pilots while controlling. Clearing someone for takeoff, landing, or the ILS is an “operation”. You won’t be able to see how many operations you have until you become an advanced ATC

Pass A Written Test

Pass A ATC Live Test

(0-59) Failling, try again in 30 days.
(60-79) OK, try again in 2 weeks
(80-100) Excellent!

Oh ok. Thanks for the help, I’ll look into that! :)

Lol, I helped you too, but get no gratitude!

That was meant for the both of you :)

Im Just shy of 25,000 xp. Because ive been controlling quite often on the playground. You can expect to hear back when i teach 25,000. Can you help me with a number on my operations? Where can i find that?

It would be best to PM a recruiter directly, like @anon66442947, instead of making your private email address available on a public forum.

Here’s what I still don’t understand: does it mean that working as Ground or Center doesn’t earn you anything?

Also, what is controller rating? How can people rate ATCs?

With ground and center you get operations as well. Every clearance or instruction earns an op. So ground gives clearances and center gives instructions. That definitely rewards you with ops.
The rating system has been taken down for quite a while now. It was there initially. Now no more. So,pilots can’t rate atc as of now.

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