Air Traffic Controllers Listen To Pilots!

I’m sorry, but, one thing that really pisses me off about you air traffic controllers is when I want to land on a specific runway and then you assign me whatever runway u want, Listen, I’m the bloody pilot, I’m flying my damn plane, I know what I want, so instead of telling me go around, accept the fact I’ve taken the time to request a specific runway so therefore I demand the respect of being assigned that runway, after all I’m the pilot in command, & I hate it when I’m landing and ACT has cleared me for my chosen runway, (when there isn’t a stuck up controller in command) but also clears a plane to takeoff and we are literally on a crash course to eachother & I have to abort my landing when I’m just about to touch down! This is y we should be a feature where we can talk to ATC on our Microphones to explain our situation so we can be cleared!


Hey man use zello! I can do some ATC on free flight via zello if you want?

Accept the fact that when you are in a towered airports airspace you are not the boss unless you declare an emergency which you can’t do in this game. The controller picks which runway is in use for landings and assigns you that one. Always obey controller instructions and do not call us out. I am also fed up with pilots not listening to controller commands and screwing up the system! You hate listening fly on the free flight server!


Hey Man U up for some flying with zello ATC!


You must land on the assigned runway.

Usually at airports with multiple runways the longer ones are used for takeoffs and the shorter ones for landings.

Do you pretend more respect for two extra taps on the screen in order to choose a specific runway?


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I know but for the purpose of zello ATC can be done privately! Join if you want!

Yeah, I didn’t see the the Zello, sorry, that’s why I deleted my post :P

No worries!

How about you just land where we tell you to and stop whining about it it’s more then likely the person controlling you is far more experienced


Always listen to the ATC, no matter what.


But hold up a second here, cause I had an issue where I was flying from London City, I took off lined up with an active runway at Heathrow after takeoff from Londom city and requested 27R cause thats where I was lined up, I was told I was first to land and cleared right at the last moment wind direction changed and was told to go around but I was almost down & have to abort & go around, my device is soo slow & sometimes I wont be able to abort in time so easiest option is to land, slow down & come off the runway.

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Haha you made me laugh… Ofcourse you can tell ATC which runway you prefer but this does NOT mean you will get it for landing. There are so many factors which decide your landing runway which you as a pilot have no idea off.

Do you think in reality an ATC controller on KLAX has the time to tell a pilot why he didn’t get the runway he requested??



Do you do stand up. You should cause you’re pretty funny mate


Next time your at my airport looks like the opposite of the requested runway works, correct? Good.

I’m sorry you are frustrated but you are fundamentally misunderstanding the role of ATC, pilots, weather and airports in aviation. Runways are not at the pilots discretion when ATC has given alternate directions - no matter what (emergencies excepted). And device problems are yours alone.

Weather (wind, clouds) and traffic will trump the pilot’s desires every time. If ATC says use x runway, that’s your runway, end of story. Research prior to ranting please. And there’s always the Free Flight Server where you can play airplane-god all you want.


Yes you don’t know how hard it is when you got 8 planes in the pattern and on the ground all wanting to land or take off. DO NOT disobey atc commands! DO NOT request a runway change. If atc tells you to go around then DO IT. Not listening and constant requests frustrate the atc and screw up the system. In advanced you would be ghosted so fly on the free flight server.


Ha, this has to be one of the funniest posts I’ve read ! I’d love to believe it was written tongue in cheek but clearly not.
Sadly it’s folk like this, whether through genuine ignorance or wilful disregard for everyone else who make being ATC on the playground server so frustrating. There are plenty more like this out there sadly.
All I would say to you sir is that have a look around you next time you’re flying out of a busy airport in real life, and imagine if every pilot just decided to land wherever they choose. I rest my case…


You must follow every instruction given by air traffic control. Unless, like @masonh2479 said, you declare an emergency.
Being a controller myself (not advanced, grr) I get annoyed when aircraft don’t listen to me and land at the wrong runway. If ground makes people taxi to a runway, that’s where planes land and takeoff - the traffic flow. So it’s seamless. If you have a plane taking off and another landing that’ll cause a baad accident.


There was an irritating pilot who wanted to land at an airport where there was an airshow but ATC said it was closed. So that plane declared an emergency - stopping the airshow. The pilot had to fill in a lot of paperwork.