Air Traffic Controller who stayed behind to guide planes to safety

Brief Summary

Anthonius Gunawan Agung, 21, who was on duty as an air traffic controller (ATC) at Palu airport in Central Sulawesi, died on Saturday due to injuries he suffered after jumping off an ATC tower when the deadly 7.4-magnitude earthquake hit the area. He died in hospital on Saturday morning (Makassar time)

When the plane was about to take off, the tremor hit but Agung remained in the tower. After the plane took off, Agung jumped from the tower because the roof had collapsed.

My Opinion

This story is very sad yet mesmerized me on how important to be an Air Traffic Controller. When other ATCs were evacuating due to the quake, he didn’t. Instead, he spend his last remaining minutes helping other aircrafts to get out of the area as soon as possible even though he had to risk his safety. He left after the last flight (Batik’s ID6321) scheduled to leave the city that evening.

In memory of Anthonius Gunawan Agung and hundreds of Palu and Donggala Earthquake and Tsunami victims :(


Wow what a true dedicated controller.
I so hate to see him die… Couldn’t he have gone down through the stairs?
Probably wasn’t possible tho knowing Palu architecture isn’t That great against earthquakes.

So sad to see a wonderful soul perish.
May he rest in peace


Yeah. It’s sad to see this dedicated controller died :(

Here’s a photo of the airport’s aftermath condition. Credits to ABC correspondent in Indonesia


“Air Traffic controllers are like angels protecting everyone in the sky”,
He is a true example of this quote.


My condolences go out to this didicated ATC. Not all heros wear capes.


he was young, but he continued to carry out his duties despite disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami, and he was extraordinary. He is a hero #prayforpalu


Wow, that was really an emotional read. What a dedicated controller!


Honored, A Role Model, A Savior Of Life, A Human Who Carried Out Duties Of Safety, Beyond What Had To Do In Such Dire Situation.

Someone Who Cares And Thinks Of Others Life & Safety Before Ones Own.

Rest In Peace.

Note One Thing, He Did A Great Deed, As His Last Action Before Death Took Him Away.
Let That Be Lesson And A Reason For All Of Us Here, To Keep Doing Positive Acts Throughout Life 🤲❤


He’s truly a hero. I cannot express how sorry I feel for him…

May he rest peacefully.


Raises another question, whats it like to take off with the ground moving?


R.I.P! Truly a “guardian angel”.


This guy put the life and safety of many other people in front of his own. He knew about the risk. He knew it and despite everything he stayed and helped others to evacuate. Think about that. Some people don’t even bother to call 911 if they witness an emergency.

Not all heros wear capes. Some wear a headset.


May he rest in peace. This air traffic controller will die as a hero.

He had such dedication as a controller. Those that he worked for should be proud to have him as a controller.

This is such a sad year for aviation! :(


Wow… Giving his life to save the lives of so many others… Above and beyond what his duties were… May he Rest In Peace… And as @Marc said, not all heroes wear capes


And when the plane takeoff from PLW. He (Anthonius) suffered a fracture after jumping from the 4th floor. And he was willing to risk his lifefor the safety of all passengers on the plane. And he will definitely be remembered all the time. I honest, this made me cry when pondering and observing this news.😭😥😢😞


He is definitely so dedicated. A true ‘guardian angel’. May he rest in peace.


Very sad story, sad to know he passed away when he jumped from the tower, a true hero that should be remembered, may he rest in peace.


That is truly disappointing, he is a excellent example of what ATC should do, always guide aircraft to safety.


Here’s a statement made by the pilot who flown ID6321 regarding the quake and the controller


This is a great example of people who are truly dedicated into their own careers and also an act of heroism. He must have saved a lot of lives that day.

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