AIR Traffic Controller proposal to wife onboard plane !

Watch this video as an AIR Traffic Contoller proposes to wife onboard an Air Canada plane !

Also …

Keep the likes coming and I’ll start to make my own ATC videos and post them here !

Btw : Only the good ones will make it through


Nice video! Thanks for posting!

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No problem !

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That’s a great way to proprose. Well done to him.


Yes it is a great way of proposing !

I remeber watching this a while ago. Great idea to share

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Sounds like something one of us would do


Hmm… If the to-be wife was the pilot and the to-be husband was the ATC… That would be interesting…

Good stuff as always like Max! “Do good work”.

Edit: Shoot forgot to add the “like” part in in the third line! Sorry for any confusion!


Haha, I love these ATC videos :)

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Yeh thought that I should post this one as it was pretty good

Haha that’s funny !

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