Air traffic controller made me crash

does anyone know who he is?? i was supposed to land on 6L bc i was from that side and i always run out of fuel and he made me spend 25 minutes going around klax to 24R. if you know him please tell him to pm me

As this is training server, there’s not much that can be done. I recommend you to either fly the expert server or go to smaller airports

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Also because this was the training server there is nothing you can do about this situation

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a321 from ksfo. the flight time was supposed to take 45 minutes but took 1 hour 36 minutes

Again like he said this isnt expert server so theres nothing we can really do man

The real question is, why were you attempting to go to a runway that was against the flow of traffic? From what I can tell, 6L was not in use at KLAX.


i didn’t know it was closed till i was 15nm from landing

4 things. One, it’s training server. There is nothing you can do about that. 2, you should have put in enough fuel to get you from sfo to lax and back without refueling. 3, you could’ve diverted. If you are low on fuel, always think about diverting. And lastly, why would you use a runway that isn’t in use? You can always check what runways are in use by either checking the METAR or just looking at what runways planes are landing on.
I think we have established all that by now, and I think you learned your lesson.


yes i’ve learnt my lesson thanks for the help.