Air Traffic Control

Hello everyone!

Do you know any ways for me to improve my air traffic controller skills? I am quite new to this and I only know the basics of it. I really enjoy it though and I am looking to get better at it.

Any help will be appreciated! Thanks :)


If you’re devoted to ATC, might as well apply for the IFATC. They’ll train and develop you to control in the expert server when your time comes.

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Hey there! Welcome to the community! If you’d like you can take a look at Infinite Flight’s User Guide for tips and tricks and things you need to know about being an ATC or a Pilot. Tutorials are also available on Infinite Flight’s official YouTube channel. :)



Welcome to the IFC! I love your eagerness to learn :)

The best resources i can give you is the following:

Furthermore, if you would like to control on expert server in the future, I would recommend making an ATC tracking thread. Pilots will come to your airport and assess you with feedback! You can learn how to make one below plus the other information.

You can also look at the ATC requirements and see if you meet them on and follow the instructions listed there!

Hopefully that helps. It’s a lot of information to take in however it becomes second nature once you practice it :) Let me know if you have any questions.


Hi, I would strongly recommend applying for IFATC. When you are in training, you get to know about everything needed to perfectly control your airport and airspace(you start with ground and tower, then you move on gradually).

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