Air Traffic Control


Has anyone ever wondered why you don’t get XP for doing the ATC? Because you can do it for a while and not get anything out of it? There’s no reward…

Do users not think there should be some kind of reward?

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Your rewards are “Operations”. They’re given each time when you clear an aircraft.

No you don’t get XP you get operations instead. It’s like XP, but for ATC! ;)

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To be honest… i dont care about either. I am grade 5 and IFATC. Not real sure what xp or operations are used for after that.

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If you were rewarded with perks for achieving higher xp or operations, that would be a different story

@MrJackT14 - I found something that I am sure you will find interesting.

I agree with you, and that’s why I have voted for it above. You can do the same, if you want to see this feature in the sim in the future.

I agree, as I mostly play atc, but one thing must be underlined…to maintain ur grade flying u must respect a few rules (which we all know) but as an atc u basically have no rules…

Except to handle any and all aircraft requests.

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