Air traffic control

so i dont understand why ATC must spam me saying to contact them on their frequency when i cant even contact them and i wish their was some kind of way to tell them i am unable to contact them if their is can you tell me? ty


Is this on expert or training server?


training server

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My guess is that OP is on TS.

IFATC would never spam a person on-guard messages when the pilot is well out of range, so those trolls on TS would explain why.

This is not your fault - casual atc on TS (excluding TSATC and tracking threads) is very lax and novice so they will be really unrealistic. If you can’t contact them, ignore their on-guard messages and proceed on course.

If you want better atc service or none, go to ES where IFATC is professionally controlling. But they have a set schedule, so they’re not everywhere. It’s better to have no atc than have bad atc.


In that case. It is so people can practice, but unfortunately, there are trolls. We can’t do much about them though.

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Training server, we can’t control the pilots here so it is just another troll :)

Expect another 10 posts saying this above and below.

I could this into a rhyme, shall we let’s go!



Hi @MSP_Spotter,

Unfortunately there are some users outside of the Expert Server that may be a thorn in the side. However, in other news there have been a great deal of awesome pilots and controllers found on the Training Server through the years whom were recruited to IFATC and Virtual Airlines for example. In some cases you can try tuning out of the frequency if you are in the air already or simply select a different airport to avoid them. We have in the past asked for assistance from Staff to assist where a Training Server controller was seriously spamming everyone or just being a troll but this happens much less than users think.

Sorry that you had to experience that.