Air Traffic Control

Ok, often during flights I get notified to contact “Approach/Tower on frequency *.” I click on the communication button, but the Approach/Tower is not in the list of available frequencies, but when I go to the map and click on the airport ID it shows me something like what is shown in the following screenshots of KJFK

image image

I see the ATC controllers and I also see the Tune button, however when I click on it, nothing happens, it will not tune me into the frequency. The tune button seems to be blocked out. How can I tune into a frequency when it is not listed.

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This is because you are in KLAX. You are too far out from the frequencies to tune into them. As you get closer to the airport, you will be close enough to access them. ATIS and Radar Facilities will come first, and towers ranges is smaller.
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This is probably an inexperienced controller on the Training Server sending you on guard messages. You can ignore those if you’re not in their airspace.

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It was on Expert Server. Look at the controller in JFK: ‘IFATC ESCORT01NL’

Can you grab a screen shot from that replay showing the communication, please?
I’m intrigued.

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