Air traffic control with native language

One thing to think about and change in the IF, is the issue of the ATC language. We know that the universal language is English, but it would be nice for the IF to incorporate for pilots to choose their languages when on a national flight in their native language of their country. After all, some people are afraid to fly in their country when they have ATC, and this issue of being addressed by an ATC speaking in English is one of the factors, after all, if you understand something wrong and do not answer the call, the pilot will take a violation.

Hey! Are you talking about something like this feature request?

Feel free to vote and continue the discussion there if so!


It is something like that, but my placement is more complex.

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What is it?

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I believe it is a topic about ATC ;-) ;-)

well that’s obvious, but it seems like your request is one that could be filled via the topic that @lucaviness linked.

Hi there! This is covered in the linked post about, as if it was introduced for pilots, it would also be there for ATC. Thanks!