Air Traffic Control Tips

Hey everyone! So recently I’ve been ATC on TS, mainly ground. A few hours ago, I tried approach for the first time. Wasn’t that busy; only one person. I tried vectoring him, but I had a hard time assigning the right heading. To all the experienced ATC’s out there, how do you figure out which heading they need to go?

I don’t know if there’s a specific place I need to go to ask this, but this is a start. If anyone has any other tips, please tell me.

If the aircraft is on your freq.
-tap and hold the aircraft
-drag to desired heading
-give additional instructions as needed (e.g. Assign altitude, clear for approach, etc.

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You can use the drag feature. Just hold the plane and “drag” it to where you want to direct it and it’ll give the plane the heading

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Ooohhh. I kinda thought there was a feature like that hut I couldn’t figure it out. Thank you so much!


The drag feature is your friend. 🙂


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