Air Traffic Control Stats for 2016!

great work ! Thank you ATCs !
I usually don’t fly when there are no ATCs online so thank you !

“Well Done IFATC”, Your Dedication and Service is noted with Pleasure.
Max Sends BT




I want to congrat all the IFATC team. Level is everyday better and better. It’s an honour flying in your airspace everyday!

See u all in IF skies!


We are? Hmm

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Oh yes, definitely, you’re my fav second cousin


I joined in September of 2015. There were only a small handful of controllers when I first joined. Now there is nearly 250 controllers. It’s amazing to look back and see how much IFATC has evolved in the past year and three months. I’ve definitely enjoyed my experience of being able to have the opportunity to use my skills to help others have a more enjoyable flight. If you’re interested in ATC, I highly recommend taking necessary measures to join.


Wow! Those stats are amazing! I’m glad to be part of this team since July 2016 and I never regretted my choice. I want to thanks everyone, especially all pilots who followed every instruction, which make the whole ATC experience much more enjoyable, @Samuel123abc and @Paul_petropoulos for scouting, @Tyler_Shelton for the recruiting and all other members for all those amazing moments! IFATC is a fantastic program, definitely contact a recruiter or a scout if you are enthusiastic about ATC. :)


More like 300 now and over half inactive please open a frequency


245 on Slack. Yes, there are many inactive users unfortunately. No, not opening a frequency right now. 👋


Great job everyone! I’m glad to be a part of this dedicated team. :)


Very proud to be part of such an incredible team! The dedication each and every controller puts into it is unmeasurable! Here’s to an incredible 2017! :)


Looking forward for 2017 and hopefully becoming an IFATC Controller

ok my friends

Are all the 153,463 operators on the form?

Possible hint?? We all know it’s coming 😂


With all the units and such going out, it would probably be coming out this year. I don’t think they’d get everyone hyped up and make me wait a whole year to release it. But it might not be for a long time still.

I’m a bit late to the party, but I’ll say this- the amount of dedication I’ve seen everyone pour into this team and the whole IFATC process has been incredible. A year and a half in here just flies by, or in my case, crashing into the ground, reversing backwards, and that sort of stuff.

Our team has definitely grown in leaps and bounds as others have said. Heck, at the beginning of the year, we didn’t have a scouting and testing team as well organized and streamlined as we do now. The amount of real world controllers and pilots helping us out and giving tips have surely increased tenfold from last year. As the program continues to grow and we can exchange discussions of sound information, we can attract even more!

I don’t think I could’ve gotten to where I am without the help and perseverance of many of our members. This journey thus far has helped me realize what’s wrong about myself, how I can fix it, how I can improve, and how I can become a better controller in general. Looking back, I can’t believe how horrible I was compared to now.

Cliche, yes, but it’s how I feel. This outlet allows me to live out my dream of being a controller, which I really am grateful for. It’s a rewarding position to be in!

Thus concludes the long paragraphs I tend to make. Everyone knows this, and I’m sure they’ll keep teasing me about it in many more years to come, including the ever famous crashing jokes. ;)


Wait did Tyler justsay “all around the globe in 2017”. And if so, Did he just confirm that Global will be released in 2017?

I hope I’m not over analyzing this.

Im happy to be apart of IFATC for the past few months, its a complete honor to work with these guys! Once school is out I hope to return to control tower once school is out and my medical procedures are over with! :)

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@Tyler_Shelton slightly different topic, but same theory, but, is there anyway to pull airfield operations, ie how many movements each airport had over a set period? Even if it’s just landings as IF can register and record when I land on a runway…?

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