Air traffic control problems logging on

Hi I’m pretty new to this but love doing the air traffic control, I’m on the casual server everytime I log on now it says I’m an observer but I have an active account can anybody help me regarding this


ATC Service can only be provided via “Training Server 1”, which is open for all users. And “Expert Server” which requires you to take a test.

Casual server is not for controlling, and you shouldn’t even be able to choose it?


Hey Mark! You cannot control on casual server as there is no ATC on that server, you cannot control on Expert as you must take a test to do so. You may only control on training server 1, it says you’re an observer as you cannot see operations count unless you become an expert controller (IFATC)


Assuming you’re referring to TS when you say “casual server”, if you actually see (obs.) Under the frequency, someone else managed to sign onto that frequency just before you [not uncommon in SoCal on TS].

If you see (…) under the frequency instead, that is an actual issue.

Can you specify which of the two you see?

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If you would like to become an IFATC (ATC on the expert server) check that post out to see if you meet the requirments :)

Hi guys it won’t let me control on the training server, sorry that was what I meant to put in the first place it’s just says I’m an observer ??

Hi Tim

Every time I log on to the training server i see …

It means that someone else got in that frequency before you did, you can only watch while they control. Wait for them to finish controlling or just control at another field.


Sorry to hear you’re having difficulties.
This issue (only seeing (…)) usually happens when the server fails to disconnect the user properly (user being you in this case) from a previous session of controlling.
A server reset is required to fix this, and i will ask the developers to perform a server reset asap so you’ll be able to control again.

Thank you for you patience!



Thankyou so so so much for this


No worries! We’re here to help :)

A server reset have now been requested, please feel free to report back if you’re still experiencing troubles in 24hrs. You can just shoot me a PM.

Thank you.