Air Traffic Control Commands AT TNCM

TL1 So I am unable to put Live ATC or add it to any particular section.

When I am ATC in Training Server at TNCM, when airplanes are touching down on the runway, and you execute an exit runway command, it says contact ground although you don’t want them to contact ground as there isn’t one. It is the same for the back taxi as there is only an option to contact ground when off the runway.

Do I still issue that instruction or do I use progressive taxi instructions? e.g Make 180 then Turn right next taxiway.

It’s the same way at FIMP…it’s so weird.

They would contact Unicom. You can still use exit runway, it’s just they won’t be getting ATC after they leave your frequency.


Thank you! I thought more options would be coming and made it a topic, should have contacted you since it was that easy.

I flagged it so I can close the topic.

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