Air traffic control at LFPG

Hey ! Today I controlled the ground and the CDG tower ( LFPG ) for more than 03h00, here are some screens of some of the planes that I could see during these 03:30 air traffic control

The first aircraft movements begin between medium and large haul

And here is the first take-off of a long series !

Despite the terrible weather in Paris, the blue sky appears from time to time leaving the clouds to return a few minutes later. Here are 2 simultaneous arrivals.

Crossing of 2 planes to access the runway under the watchful eye of the tower

Cleared for takeoff runway 26R

What do you prefer? Landing or take-off
There is a choice !

Here is the same scene but at a different time and from a different point of view

If the aircraft recognize each other, do not hesitate to wave !