Air Traffic Control at Dublin

Hi Guys.
I’m currently at Dublin and I have been been requesting taxi for more than 10 minutes now, no response…what do I do, this is on expert btw

What is the name of the controller?
Is it busy there? Or is it a unicom?

The current controller is @Balloonchaser.

Are you still there? If yes, then you are having an internet issue because I can not see anyone on the ground at EIDW.

He’s not responding to me either.

Hold on guys I’ll take a look.

Exactly. I was right there with a tick on the top right hand side of my screen…meaning good internet, I could even see a British airways aircraft making an approach in my map. I’m at EGLL now anyway. Departing for South America

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to be very fair to @Balloonchaser he has been controlling for more than 12hrs now. maybe he has just forgot to log off

Balloonchaser most likely fell asleep guys… Lol.


ye he has been working hard last night on EIDW it was quite busy


He’s probably dreaming about Hot Air Balloons right now.


counting the zzzzz’s guys lol


Seems like the server failed to disconnect him. It’s dealt with now :)