Air to Air Refuelling Practice Part 2 @ EGVN - 282000ZJUL17

Server: Training

Region: London Area

Airport: EGVN

Time: 2000Z - Check your local time here —>

Aircraft: Any Fighters, C-17 or C-130

NOTAM: “Tanker Trash” Air to Air Refuelling Practice Part 2

After the earlier sucsess of Part 1, time for Part 2. Air to Air Refueling Op @ EGVN - 271930ZJUL17

Note a few changes from procedures on Part 1.

The Sport of Kings is one way that fighter jocks describe the skills involved in Air to Air refuelling, there are other descriptions involving spaghetti, cats and doughnut’s, however I wont mention those here!

Fancy something different? Fancy practice Close quarters flying in your fighter?

At 2000z I will be staging out of RAF MILDENHALL (EGUN) and going on to a refuelling line between EGHH (Bournemouth) and EGKL (Deanland) at FL200 @ 210 kts. in the KC-46 “Pegasus” (Yes ok I will be using a B767 in generic livery! ) My Call Sign will be “CVX47”

Fighters can either spawn at EGUN and escort me down to the “Tow Lane” (I will transit at about FL280 @ 305KTS IAS) or fighters can spawn at EGVN and practice their intercept skills to find me!

I will be on station from approx. 2030z until aprox 2100z, or later if more traffic, flying a right-hand racetrack between EGKL and EGHH

On completion of tanker operations I will then transit back to base at RAF Brize Norton (EGVN)


COM CHANNEL 1 EGHH UNICOM (Used at Western end of line)
COM CHANNEL 2 EGKL UNICOM (Used at Eastern end of line)

nb will use the Unicom phrase “Going Around” to indicate my turns. Will always turn to Starboard (Right)


1 No1 Aircraft waiting for Fuel to wait on tankers PORT (Left) side, aprox 500ft higher and 500ft astern, No2 and other aircraft waiting to refuel then wait in lose echelon to Port (Left) at about 500ft higher and astern the next aircraft in line. As each aircraft clears to join the Tanker then move down a place in the queue until you are No1.
2 No1 aircraft to join when CVX47 is free and previous receiver has broken away clear to the right.
3. Do not join tanker on a turn.
4. Refuelling Operation: be directly astern of CVX47 When stable; 200’ Astern 200’ below refuel for aprox 3 minutes.
5. Once refuelled break off by slowing down to 190kts, drop by 500ft and then break away to Starboard (Right), feel free to re-join the queue on the Port Side for a second attempt if time!

See you in the air!


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