Air to air refuelling 747

Hi IFC I need to know if you can air to air refuel a 747 as I’m worring l low on fuel. If you can I’m near Hector Intl crossing into Canada soon and I need it to be done ASAP. Thanks:) on expert

what server

Expert server

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I am about to land about 150nm away UPS 007

Will you be able to refuel within the next hour?

maybe i will see what i can do

Thank you.

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The only 747 you can refuel is the VC-25.

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So are you flying a 747 or VC25? Because I do not believe you can refuel a normal 747 inflight. Here is the list of planes that can accept aerial refueling.

they may have updated this list though


You’re in a 747-400 BA livery. You can not refuel this in the air, but if you think your a little low don’t worry your fuel flow will reduce as your burn fuel and get lighter.


Only Air Force One can be refuelled in the air

Thanks I’m going to make a quick stop to refuel then take off again as I need to be quite slow as I need my times to work out

There is a thread for refueling requests

But since you’re in a 747-400 you better go and find an airport to land and get some ⛽️