Air to Air Refueling Op @ EGVN - 271930ZJUL17

Server: Training

Region: London Area

Airport: EGVN

Time: 1930Z - Check your local time here —>

Aircraft: Any Fighters, C-17 or C-130

NOTAM: “Tanker Trash” Air to Air Refuelling Practice*

The Sport of Kings is one way that fighter jocks describe the skills involved in Air to Air refuelling, there are other descriptions involving spaghetti, cats and doughnut’s, however I wont mention those here!

Fancy something different? Fancy practice Close quarters flying in your fighter?

At 1930z I will be staging out of RAF Brize Norton (EGVN) and going on to a refuelling line between EGHH (Bournemouth) and EGKL (Deanland) at FL120 @ 175 kts. in the KC-46 “Pegasus” (Yes ok I will be using a B767 in generic livery! ) My Call Sign will be “XOM 4077”

If you want to practice your skills as a fighter jock, come and practice being refuelled from me, I will be on station from approx. 2100z until 2145z, aprox flying a right-hand racetrack between EGHH and EGKL


COM CHANNEL 1 EGHH UNICOM (Used at Western end of line)
COM CHANNEL 2 EGKL UNICOM (Used at Eastern end of line)

nb will use the Unicom phrase “Going Around” to indicate my turns. Will always turn to Starboard (Right)


1 If waiting to refuel then wait in lose echelon to Port (Left) at about 500ft higher and astern the next aircraft in line. As each aircraft clears to join the Tanker then move down a place in the queue until you are No1.
2 No1 aircraft to join when XOM 4077 is free and previous receiver has broken away clear to the right.
3. Do not join on a turn.
4. Refuelling Operation: be directly astern of XOM 4077 When stable; 200’ Astern 200’ below refueler for aprox 3 minutes.
5. Once refuelled break off by slowing down to 160kts, drop by 500ft and then break away to Starboard (Right), feel free to re-join the queue on the Port Side for a second attempt if time!

Happy Landings

Thanks to @Maxmustang for the original version of this event which I enjoyed flying in [Closed] Tanker Mission (complete, SITREP to follow) @ KNUQ - 102230ZSEP15 as well as thanks to those who had attended my earlier attempts at this type of event


This looks fun, will try to join!

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Sure not casual? Anyway I’ll be there, I get all the EGVN traffic over my house

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keeping it on Training Server as it is a training mission so will help keep peoples attention focused on the details!


I’ll be there in a f22!

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MaxSez: Tally Ho! F/A-18 (Zulu-007) or A-10 (Dragon-007)


Looks like fun, I’m going to try and make it. @Maxmustang can I join you if I’m able to?


@THE-OP… My pleasure, look forward to it. Regards, Max

Time to kick those tyres and light those fires! Leaving briefing and heading out to the apron (I am on stand 49 VC10) ready to start in just under 30mins!

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@David_Lockwood. Today’s July 27 Schedule for 281930ZJul17?. What’s your pleasure…

Oops Peanut error! Meant Thursday 27th!!!

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@David_Lockwood… MaxSez: Unable to join, previous engagement! Look for you in future. Regards

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Ahem, planning going so well however put the wrong date to start with! Event planed for tonight 27th not the 28th as originally written. ( will run on 28th as well for fun)

My wife is right I can’t multi task!

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Might not be able to come today, can come on the 28th though.

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@David_Lockwood. Slipped in two join ups, my bride gave me permission to delay dinner reservation. Played hell catching you with an A-10, NOTAM said tank FL-120/175K. You went to the start of the track from Blaze at 390+ then held the alt at FL-120 but cruised/Tanked at 190+k on parts of the long fueling legs. (That Speedbird C-130, kept cutting into my flight path, lowest on speed first to the nozzle, poor airmanship in my opinion plus no IF C-130 can aerial refulel, only the SpeOps 130 bird has that capability I believe, The HC-130J can refuel itself). All and all good fun and practice, hope to see you tomorrow with my F/A-18 which much better energy ratio than the Hog. Forgot to take pics, darn! This would be a great quarterly event. (What happened to all those Generals, Colonel’s and fighter pilots in that unnamed group, No guts No Glory!) Regards

Glad you where able to make it! Many thanks to your good lady.

I started off higher to try and assist with join up manoeuvres. Completed with flight to RAF MIldenhall. Wiill plan to do simular flight tomorrow, likely starting at 2100 LMT ( 2000Z)

Happy landings.

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