Air to Air Refueling @ KLSV - 292000ZJUL19

  • Aircraft and Livery: KC-10

  • Route: Race Track N of KLSV. FL250 @ 290 KTS IAS

  • Time of Departure: 2000 ZULU


  • Callsign: ASCOT 123 HEAVY

  • Additional Information:

all welcome to come and practice their ATA refueling skills. Will fly at FL250 @ 290Kts IAS on a race track pattern (anti-clockwise) for approx an hour.

see below links for a reminder on procedures. See you in the sky’s!


There’s a thread for this, no? Or is it ok just to make a group flight topic

Lol, yes I set up the original thread as when the KC10 first came out there was so many requests it was hard to track so was set up to give some structure as well make sure there was sufficient information for people to join up!

Providing it meets group flights rules ( which it does) then it’s good to go.

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That was so much fun! I will send some pics in minute

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Glad you made it!

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