Air to air refueling - @KLAX - 170100ZNOV19

If you want to participate in this you need to be any air force plane and meet me at KLAX I will be in A KC-10 and I will be taking off at 8:00 PM EST and copy my flight plan

Please take a look at the topic that is linked below and follow the correct format for posting in the #live:groupflights category.

Oh ok I’m sorry what should I change it to then

It says what to change it to in the link he provided. Please take the time to read it carefully. 😁

Oh it’s a link ok sorry about that

No need to say sorry!

Oh ok my bad

Just stop apologizing. It looks great! I would stop by, but I am not home.

Aw ok I will be here for a while are you getting home later or not

Yeah, I’ll let you know via PM.

Oh ok well see you later then?

I’ll pop by. Which server is this shindig taking place?

The casual server but also what’s a “shindig”

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Ok…but I am not celebrating anything but what ever could we just get in a game now

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