Air to Air Planespotting: Does it interest you?

“Transaero Tiger” from AYT to VKO, Boeing 747-400 EIXLN


Is it interesting?

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  • What does this mean?!

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Are you a pilot?

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I know right! The Transaero Tiger livery (pic number 2) is gorgeous!

FO B737-800

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Wow! What routes?

Unfortunately domestic russian routes
But recently we’ve got fresh news about flights to Europe
it will be some airports at Europe
russian low-cost Pobeda Airlines

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Nice! I hope you get down to MAN, LTN, LGW, BHX or LBA, maybe I would spot you!

Also, I love that livery!

if you fan you can see some days ago my landing at VKO
Photo by Weimeng/
I am pilot flying at this moment

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Wow, wow, wow! You are one of the legends now!

No No no please!!
I am not a legend,please
I am just pilot and photographer and 1 Years Infinite Flight Gamer)))


… Whatever! You an idol, the young people on here (most of them) want to be a pilot. The look up to the pilot’s on the forum! You are another pilot they can look up to!

one more moment into flight over winter Siberia


That is just gorgeous!

Have a save flight!

I will Try always,
thank you

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Those are stunning photos! Have you got a flickr page? Would love to see more of those.

I’m never been that bothered about seeing photos of planes coming into land or at a stand but those are on a whole different level. Nice work!

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