Air to Air Photography in IF

Just wondering when people arrange a group flight event, is it possible to fly another aircraft to take air to air picture for them like what Boeing or airbus do in the real life?
Can this provide a different view from the IF replay function?

I’ve never personally done this myself, but this shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish.

If you’d like to do something like this during an event, please contact the event host and the pilot you wish to photograph beforehand, as some do not like this type of thing.

Also you shouldn’t do it near active or even really inactive airports to

I’d love to do something like this - if anyone wants to do a formation flight, hmu!

There’s a specific camera view in the C130 for this, after you’ve opened the cargo door.

Yes of course. I will contact them before the event.

So am I. That sounds great. And I think that is the amazing point of flight simulator, you can do something that you may never experience in real life.

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I agree with you. Can’t find any other picture match this topic.

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Maybe in some remote airport inCS.

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Usually when I fly the C130 in GAF and we do low-level C130 we put the door down and you can see out.

Here is a quick example

(Credit: @Jacob_Pevere)


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