Air Taxi Volocopter is Now Selling Tickets

You can now book a flight on an air taxi.

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Volocopter is a fully electric urban mobility solution marketed for the sole purpose of easy transportation. The start-up company is based in Germany and specializes in electric multirotor helicopters.

According to RobbReport, the company has begun taking orders for seats on their aircraft. The ticket price includes a 15-minute flight, with a video of the trip and a personalized certificate. Dates have not been set.

However, they are still waiting for certification from authorities.

The company has completed successful test flights in Germany, Finland, and Singapore, according to a press release. They expect to launch the program within 2-3 years, assuming certification goes according to plan.

Volocopter has two commercial helicopter types, as of now. VoloCity is the one in which purchased flights will be taken on. The Volocopter 2X (pictured above) seems to be used as a personal transportation system.

As of two hours ago (at the time of writing), 641 seats for the program are still available. They cost $355, or 300 euros.

What do you think about this?

Credit: RobbReport


Really cool but seems expensive, for example if this were to happen in New York, almost everybody would opt for the normal taxi even though it might be a bit longer of a ride. Awesome concept though

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Yeah, I sort of agree. And after reading some alternate sources, the aircraft can only top 65 miles per hour. I suspect it will only be able to follow roads, and it will be piloted. Cost of chartering it with a pilot would be much more than just driving for much cheaper.

I’m all in on the personal one though 👀


Meh I could see some business bigwigs using this to beat the traffic


That’s the only reason I think it might happen. You’re average Joe might not use this though.

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Yeah I think this caters to the very wealthy people, you know the ones who have top-floor penthouses with helipads on the roofs. Majority of people will still opt for the ground taxi cab.


Another sort of random thought:

I wonder if they will engineer ballistic parachute recovery systems for the craft. I know helicopters are very reliable, but if they project thousands of these things there are bound to be accidents.

Wether it be failing motors, or complete battery failure, it could always be useful.


Especially hovering over bustling cities, imagine a helicopter crash in downtown NYC, it would be a disaster


That thing looks, very weird. Hope to see some actual flights. It’s definitely something new to the aviation world.

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Wow! That looks amazing!

Nice thread as well!

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Thank you!

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I kind of reminds me of Uber’s plan to use aircraft for local travel.


I’m sorry but I am not getting on that under most circumstances.


Yeah I might agree 😂

Only if I’m the pilot.


This looks weird and why does it need so many rotors?

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Helicopters work by pushing the ground away from them based on how ugly they are. The uglier it is, the more lift.

For legal reasons, this is a joke.


It’s way too expensive I would opt for a regular taxi.

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Thanks for the interesting article @Alec! I still struggle to see a real businesscase for it, but some links (e.g. city center to airport) might be economically viable in some areas.

A bit more on the terms of the ticket:

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( I know its a joke also) I actually think Helicopters are cool lol

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