Air Taxi Twin Otter


it is an Airline for Sri Lanka Domestic Flight


It has a great livery tho!

That’s a twin otter.


This isn’t a 208. It is a dch-6 twin otter. Still would love a twin otter

Changed! thanks

That means we could land and takeoff in water, I love it.

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The water would have to be coded as actual water rather than land colored and made to look like water, otherwise this plane would probably fail at trying to takeoff, landing might be possible, but trying to takeoff is going to be hard.

I love that livery! Twin Otter has got to be one of my favourite aircraft. Went to the Maldives once and saw them everywhere.

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If only we had seaplanes, the only thing we have now is landing on the water with ur wheels down, even though it’s fun to do that with a A380 :3

Nice livery but how will we get that in water

Looks cool!

I love the idea for a twin otter, but the water ski part would never work, as we do not have water in IF.

Water physics first, seaplanes next.

Definitely! I would love to have a land Twin Otter tho.