Air Tattoo Pictures

Hey there.

I have around 5000 hd pictures from the Air Tattoo in RAF Fairford yesterday.

Just wanted to let you know I’m going to go through them and pick the best ones for you guys.


Cool, I’m excited to hear more! Thanks (btw that’s a lot of photos to go through!). Just a reminder that this goes in #real-world-aviation :-)

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Just a quick picture. Don’t want to keep you waiting. I just got back from a car show so I’m starting now


I saw the Red Aroows from Silverstone today, they came and went back to the Tattoo :)

Ahhh nice, I’ve got a lovely video of them coming over. It’s saved in a special folder ;)

Are they representing Ireland? That’s our flag.

Either that or Italian. The orange was supposed to be red I think

I was there on Sunday, really good dispaly. sadly though my pics arent great as i only have an iphone but I have found a noew livery id love to see in the sim. so ill upload it later on

Ive got the pictures sorted, but there is now 69. Shall i post on the forms or on a external site?

I have more to come on 3 more sim cards so stay tuned ;)

Just waiting for a answer

If you’re going to post them all, better to upload them to Instagram or an imgur album.

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here is my favourite pic from RIAT2016

(my picture)

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