Air tattoo / Farnborough air show

I’m going here on Sunday 10th so was just wondering if any other members were going as well? it’s a great are show with plenty for all aviation fans, from fighters to Airbus they are all here.


Yep I’m going to R.I.A.T on Saturday the 9th

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I’ve been to Farnborough the last two times it has been on. Thought it would a bit meh to go for three times in a row 😕


its getting expensive at Farnborough!

I live only 3 miles away so can usually find a good spot to watch the displays, though was driving past the end of 06 yesterday (MAIB gate) and they have closed of the hill I normally go and spot on for free! However at B&Q Capark you can see some of the high fliers and saw some of the display of the F35…very cool

I can’t wait to see the F35’s next weekend. Their first ever display outside of the U.S. to another customer of the jet will be at the Air Tattoo!

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Going to Farnborough on the 16

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