Air Tanzania B787-800

Air Tanzania B787-800 Dream liner And bombardier dash 8 q400 this livery would look amazing in the game… thanks and have a great day everyone…!!


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Hey Zoe, what a great livery! Hopefully we can get some more African liveries in the game as it progresses. However, #screenshots-and-videos is not meant to be used for feature requests. I recommend that you give your support to the #features topics that I’ve linked below.



Ohh okay I surely can’t wait…

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Ohh sorry I didn’t know let me delete it then thanks

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Hello @Zoe,

The #screenshots-and-videos catogory is for the purpose of sharing your photos during your flight. If you would like to create a request for a livery or another feature for the game you can use the #features category.

If you want to create a features request I would recommend reading the category rules:

Feel free to also read the rules of #screenshots-and-videos category:

There are also feature requests for these two aircraft feel free to go vote there:

I have flagged the post, if you want to close one of your posts or feel that another post should be closed feel free to use the flag button at the bottom of the page.

Have a good day!

How to delete the post 🙂