Air Tanker A330-200

Air Tanker A330-200 at Nuremberg [EDDN] Credit goes to Fabian Dirscherl.

Basic Information
AirTanker has responsibility for delivering, maintaining and supporting the tasking of Voyager to provide a cutting-edge air-to-air refuelling (AAR) operational capability to the RAF.

With a fuel capacity of 111 tonnes, Voyager’s role extends from the airborne refuelling of fast jets like the Tornado GR4 and Typhoon - including supporting the Typhoon’s UK aerospace defence role - to AAR of larger aircraft in facilitating the movement of UK military assets.

Air Tanker also lease aircraft to Airlines such as Thomas Cook. For more information visit

I think we need this with an A330 rework as it’s such a cool aircraft and it could be used for Air-To-Air refuelling as currently, only the DC-10 is available for Air-To-Air refuelling. It would open so many more opportunities and flights for people interested in the RAF!

This could be nice with the upcoming A330 Rework and possible addition of the -200 variant.


I’m not in the UK, so I’m just wondering: Why does it have windows and doors like an airliner?


Inside it’s a fully working cabin and it’s used on flights to carry troops and others to places such as the Falklands from Brize.


Been on it a few times. Civilian cabin crew too.

Have they announced an upcoming Rework of the A330 or are you just saying it’s imminent?

Same here. I have some cool pictures.

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No announcement, but the feature request has 888 votes…which is seemingly increasing each time I check. It’s bound to come sooner than later.


True. But you’ve gotta have gear tilt with an A330!

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