Air Tahiti Nui Virtual

Hello everyone! I am just trying to figure out if my favorite airline has any interest on the community for becoming a VA. I am hoping to get some people who want to be pilots so that when I get to TL2 I can register to get it approved. If you are interested, apply as a pilot! Please do not steal my idea. Thanks!

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Hi, is this IFVARB approved? If not, speak with @DeerCrusher.

In any case, even if it is, this should be in #live:va 🙂

I have already spoke with @shillberg and he said I could post to see if there is intrest.

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Ok, thanks for clearing that up. 👍

Your welcome. If you could, could you give some feedback on my website?

Wow. That website… it’s spectacular.

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Thank you so much!

Hey! You do still need to seek IFVARB Approval before posting publicly. @Aquila is the administrator in charge of Asian VAs/VOs, so you will need to contact him. To learn more about receiving certification, please visit these threads, and if you have any questions, please visit our feedback and questions thread or feel free to message me. Honestly, looking through your website, it is quite decent, but you would need more detailed PIREP systems and a few more aircraft if you were to seek approval. Good luck with your VA!



Can you DM me?

He can’t create an exploratory topic just to gauge interest? He’s not operating or taking pilots yet.

Taken it a little too far asking for pilots and the like. If he’s just gauging interest then it’s fine.


There is one. 787-9!