Air Tahiti Nui Virtual, Connect the World! (Now Hiring)

Go to the website and then press ‘join us’

I should make that clearer

Okay Thank you

are you hiring staff?

I would Love To join The Staff If so

@CPT_Colorado look under “Staff”. They have a lot of vacant positions that can be applied for.

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Hello CPT_Colorado, yes ATNVA is hiring staff, just head over to our site And you can scroll down to staff applications.

See you in the skies

What is the hub for this VA?

Nice thread, i wish you the best of luck in the future :)

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Great thread and congratulations on approval!

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Great thread. Just curious, what is a cessna 108?

Our hub is Fa’a international airport, French Polynesia :)

Sorry, we should fix that up. We use the C172 for pilot training.

Sorry for the mess-up, fixed now

Our first group flight was held recently, here is a topic that goes into more detail with it.

If you like the look of it, why not join us? You won’t regret it :)

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Nice Va Thread I just Applied!

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How long after applying does it take to get a response

Sorry Fynlay we have closed due to complications

Really? That sucks to hear. Would there be any chance of you guys doing a refresh or maybe even starting over. I don’t think you guys should stop, several VAs do this and I don’t feel that it’s right to see them go. If you keep adding and changing, you guys can become a fantastic VA. I just don’t like to see a VA/VO go. 🙃

Hey Sashaz, ATNVA closed due to my time commitments being drawn between 2 different communities. I would be open to creating a new VO, for the community I chose to stick with. But as of 5 days ago we closed.