Air Tahiti Nui Virtual, Connect the World! (Now Hiring)

Air Tahiti Nui,
Connecting the world

Air Tahiti Nui was founded in 2019 on the goal of having a welcoming and friendly pilot and staff member base as well to operate in an underserved region. We will introduce uniques features such as: Having a rewards program to go along with our booking system. We plan to add many more technologies along our journey. Feel like this is the fit for you? Why not join us in the skies here?


Air Tahiti Nui Virtual operates many aircraft such as:

  • Cessna 208(Generic)
  • B737-900(Generic)
  • A340-600(Generic)
  • B787-900(ATN)
  • Cessna 172(Generic - Training Only)

These aircraft were picked because they best suited the needs and goals of Air Tahiti Nui Virtual and it's destinations.


Air Tahiti Nui Virtual flies to many beautiful island destinations and popular cities such as Los Angeles and even Paris! Here are our routes:

  • TN1 = Papeete -> Rarotonga
  • TN2 = Rarotonga -> Papeete
  • TN3 = Papeete -> Fiji
  • TN4 = Fiji -> Papeete
  • TN5 = Papeete -> Raiate
  • TN6 = Raiate -> Papeete
  • TN7 = Papeete -> Los Angeles-> Paris
  • TN8 = Paris -> Los Angeles-> Papeete
  • TN9 = Papeete -> Bora Bora
  • TN10 = Bora Bora -> Papeete
  • TN87 = Papeete -> Tokyo
  • TN88 = Tokyo -> Papeete
  • TN101 = Papeete -> Auckland
  • TN102 = Auckland -> Papeete
  • TN111 = Los Angeles -> Papeete


  • CEO: @Sammy_Neale
  • Customer Service Manager: Vacant
  • Club Tare Manager: Vacant
  • Fleet Manager: Vacant
  • Instructor: @Oli_H
  • Media Manager: @CaptainBenjamin
  • Personnel,Staff & Pilot Manager: Vacant
  • Route Manager: Vacant

If you want to join us as a staff member please visit and scroll to the bottom to apply.

Club Tare

Club Tare is a rewards program to coincide with our booking system, where any IFC member can book a flight, and for the small fee of nothing you can earn points in our server.

More coming soon


Air Tahiti Nui Virtual will host a group flight every week, and once a month will host an open event for all IFC members.


ATNVA's ranking system is a system based on Captain / First officer and then the colour levels, I.E: Pink Route Captain can fly all regional routes.

The System goes as follows: (Highest -> Lowest)
  • Chief Pilot (Staff Rank)
  • Instructor(Staff Rank)
  • Green Route Captain (60+ Hours)
  • Green Route First Officer (60+ Hours)
  • Green Route Captain (40+ Hours)
  • Black Route Captain (25+ Hours)
  • Black Route First Officer (15+ Hours)
  • Pink Route Captain (10+ Hours)
  • Pink Route First Officer (Need's Approval to gain.)

Become a pilot of Air Tahiti Nui Virtual today!

Apply Today!

Thanks for visiting Air Tahiti Nui, we hope to see you in the sky!



How i can enter the va?

Go to the website and then press ‘join us’

I should make that clearer

Okay Thank you

are you hiring staff?

I would Love To join The Staff If so

@CPT_Colorado look under “Staff”. They have a lot of vacant positions that can be applied for.

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Hello CPT_Colorado, yes ATNVA is hiring staff, just head over to our site And you can scroll down to staff applications.

See you in the skies

What is the hub for this VA?

Nice thread, i wish you the best of luck in the future :)

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Great thread and congratulations on approval!

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Great thread. Just curious, what is a cessna 108?

Our hub is Fa’a international airport, French Polynesia :)

Sorry, we should fix that up. We use the C172 for pilot training.

Sorry for the mess-up, fixed now

Our first group flight was held recently, here is a topic that goes into more detail with it.

If you like the look of it, why not join us? You won’t regret it :)

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Nice Va Thread I just Applied!

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How long after applying does it take to get a response

Sorry Fynlay we have closed due to complications