Air Tahiti Nui | NTAA-LFPG | Boeing 787-9

Hey everyone! I recently completed my long haul flight from Tahiti, French Polynesia, to Paris, France. An interesting fact about this flight is that it’s the longest domestic flight in the world! This was a very scenic flight overall, and a lot of fun! Anyway, these are some screenshots from the flight. (None of these photos are edited)

Flight time: 16 hours 51 minutes
Aircraft: 787-9
Weight: 100% fuel, 100 pax, 6,000 kg cargo

Departure time: 23:50 UTC
Arrival time: 16:41 UTC

Departure out of Faa’a Intl

Turning north and beginning climb to cruise altitude/last glimpse of Tahiti

Passing over atolls to the northeast of the main island

Hitting mainland North America (50nm North of KLAX)

Flying over the Rockies

Passing London as we hit our Top of Descent

Gear down and entering Final Approach

Cockpit view on short Final runway 08R

50…40…30…20…10… butter (rip centerline though 😐)

Hope you like the photos! Also, anything I should improve or change next time I post?

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OMG that livery and the third picture is just amazing

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That last picture is amazing! Can’t go wrong with the 787.

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Thanks so much!

Awesome shots and congrats!

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Can u tell me the route with the waypoints bc I really want to copy that exact route tmrw :))

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Tbh I used mostly VORs and they were very spread out (~750 NM), I’ll find it and post it in the flight information

Thanks v. much!

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Just seen your profile, are you interested in joining any va’s in particular or just freely looking?

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Um, well at the moment, I can’t really commit to one right now, maybe in a couple months though…

currently my device (it ran out of battery earlier) with the replay is charging, so it’ll have to wait a little bit…

Don’t worry, I’m not recruiting or anything, I’m fact I’m not part of any va, I was just wondering. I’m about 15,000 xp and about 10-20 flight hours away from grade 3 so I’m on the grind and lookout for good routes. I would love to join a va eventually so yea

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