Air Tahiti Nui | A340-300

PC: Alexander Jonsson

The Airline:
Air Tahiti Nui is a French Polynesian airline and is the regional airline of the French Polynesia. It operates transpacific flights to over 6 different countries. The airline consists of 5 aircraft (A343) with 4 Boeings on order (B789)

Currently In Infinite Flight:
The B789 in the Air Tahiti Nui livery is in infinite flight.

Where does it fly?

From PPT (NTAA) -
Los Angeles

From AKL (NZAA) -
Los Angeles

From LAX (KLAX) -

Former Destinations/ Charters:
St. Maarten - SXM
New York - JFK
Sydney - SYD
Dubai - DXB
Osaka - KIX
Honolulu - HNL

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