Air Tahiti ATR-72

Air Tahiti is a domestic airline from French Polynesia. They mainly operate the ATR 42 and 72, which they have 2 and 7 of respectively. Although they also have some Beechcraft and Twin Otter aircraft for smaller airstrips. I think the Air Tahiti ATR should be added if the ATR is ever worked into the game. It is a plane that is basically required for realistic island hopping in the South Pacific. For those who might not have time for 8+ hours of flight, the south Pacific is a great place to see some beautiful coral atolls and mountain islands rocketing out of the sea. Basically the best scenery in Infinite Flight. Hopefully this can get added one day :)

Photo Credits to Clément Alloing Air Tahiti ATR 72-600 (72-212A) cn 1350 F-ORVU | Clément Alloing | Flickr

As soon as the ATR family is added (when that might be) i hope this and the PIA livery gets added too!