Air Sunshine

Just wondering…

I am taking a flight From San Juan, PR (SJU) to Tortola, BVI (EIS) on Air Sunshine. What plane is operated, I heard is was a Cessna 402 but not sure?

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How would we know what aircraft your flight is operated with?

Do you have any flight number?

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They have 2 SAAB 340A and 1 Beech 1900. Though its the first time I read about this airline, so they may have other aircraft.


Check the Wikipedia. It says Other Aircraft: Cessna 402

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Also check flight stats. It says it is a Cessna (light, twin turboprop aircraft)

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Well if you’re so sure about this, then why are you asking?

Seems like solid evidence…

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Different sources, different evidence

Community is most reliable

[quote=“Alex_Kellagher, post:4, topic:31958, full:true”] Wikipedia.
[/quote][quote=“Boeing707, post:7, topic:31958”]
Seems like solid evidence…

Wikipedia can be edited by anyone. It might not be true.


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