Air Stairs - Aft Boarding Door

Why does the air stairs move to the last door instead of top the first door at a cargo stand?
Currently, GSE doesn’t repeat in replay mode, so please ignore the UI.


It might be because since you are at a cargo stand, it will go to the back because that is how most are.

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My Brain is like: Why is a Pax Aircraft on Cargo Stand?


Yeah I don’t understand.

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Why are you in a passenger A330 at a cargo stand?

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It’s a mystery that we can’t solve it lol

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Oops! I already bought 20 scientists to figure it out. Oh well!

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The fact that you’re in a passenger heavy on a remote stand aside, some planes do board, deplane, or both in the back. The Dash 8 is an example, and I’ve seen it with some 737s too.

yeah, We know that boarding or deboarding can be both aft and front of a aircraft on a remote stand but he said he was on a cargo stand

I wasn’t expecting the air stairs to move towards the aft door at a cargo stand. I had cargo on board in the cabin which is why I parked at a cargo stand in SEA

As I’m aware here in Europe, Preighter (Passenger - Freighter) mostly parked on Remote Stand unless No available remote stand then they can parked at cargo stand.

Idk why stairs don’t use 1L here, but I don’t think it’s because they parked on cargo stand. I just parked on the same stand and stairs connected to 1L, not the last door.

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