Air speed

When I’m cruising I see people cruising at 400+ kts but when I try to do so I get overspeed warnings which makes my crusing speed under 279kts I want to know how I can cruises at 400+ kts

That’s probably because they are disobeying the rules. Don’t be like them

Make sure that you are above 10,000 feet.

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The higher your altitude is= Faster ground speed! Typically, go around 32,000 or higher for cruise. It also depends on winds, If you have a crazy tailwind you will likely go super fast maybe up to 600+ knots at Mach .84. Headwinds will slow you ground speed and use up more fuel. A large headwind would be about 440 knots at cruise.


I know but this happens above 10000 ft

Then it depends on the aircraft. Some aircraft have a threshold of allowable speed higher than others like. Cessna 172 compared to a Dash 8 or a Dash 8 compared to Being 787. If you are talking about fighters then they are a whole other perspective.

Why do you need to go 400+ knots anyway? 305 is usually a very good cruising speed

You are seeing other planes ground speed, which is different then indicated air speed(IAS), the higher you go the faster your ground speed will be.

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When I’m crusing around 30,000ft I get overspeed warnings at 280kts

Is this happening all of the time or is this something new that you are experiencing?

This happens all the time I get overspeed warnings at 280kts

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It depends on the aircraft, the devs have now improved the sim by adding the over speed warnings depending on the aircraft’s capabilities!

Try deleting the app and reinstalling it. There may be a corrupt file in there.

This happens on all aircraft

That is odd, what is your typical cruise altitude?

I dunno I mean when I reach 10,000ft I raise my speed to 350kts then when I get higher my speed has to go down as the overspeed warnings comes down leaving it a t 280kts

I’m cruising at FL320 GS477 and I haven’t received any warnings. You said that this is happening with every aircraft so I suggested deleting to app and reinstalling. The speed limit below 10,000 feet is 250kts so that’s why I said be careful.

It’s usally 30 to 36,000

What your speed mines is always has to be at 275kts

Please follow my recommendations and delete the app and reinstall it. Let us know how you make out after that.

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